The Healthy Skeptic

I recently read an article by Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher (Principal Leadership April 2012) in which they highlighted the importance of literacy 2.0.  The article scaffolds the need for student understanding regarding what to do with “information.”  The authors note that students do not struggle to find information, rather they often do not  know how to search for information.  They also discuss the need for students to develop “healthy skepticism” and not believe all that is fit to print for the cyber world.  Frey and Fisher go on to say that students must use information properly.  The book report, research paper and diorama have not been replaced, but they can be enhanced through using such information creating and sharing tools as podcasting, twitter, youtube, glogster, Google docs and much more.  Frey and Fisher provide key advice for educators who feel overwhelmed by the myriad of choices and ever changing types of technology widgets and gadgets and online “thingys”:  “Focus on the functions that the tools serve, rather than trying to learn every new tool on the market” (59). By embracing technology and collaborating with each other, we can learn together how to find, use, create, and share information as we travel along the digital landscape.

Resources that might be helpful:

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