Growing up digitally

Growing up digitally

What are we doing for our children?

Spring break has given me an opportunity to slow down a bit and spend intentional time with my family. During a recent outing to IKEA, my wife and I let the tribe lose on the store and watched as they designed their own rooms, played out future employment roles (my son is seen in the photo as an entrepreneur of CEOs (my emphasis), and crafted the perfect mix of fake foliage and brilliantly simple furniture lines.

As I watched in wonder at their wonderment, I reflected on our schools and whether or not we are giving kids a fighting chance in a future dependent on tinkerers and thinkers. While I will not pretend to have all the answers, I do think we are in a pivotal time in which we, as educators and parents, must be ready to only glance at the “rear view” mirror of education of the past and press on towards a digital and non-digital landscape that is yet to be defined.


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